We Pledge to conduct work in a manner that demonstrates excellence
Staff key themesStudents key themes

Communication and transparency

  • Provide current, relevant information.
  • Prioritise open, professional communication with students, including clear, effective writing.
  • Acknowledge and reward good work, conduct regular evaluations, be flexible with deadlines.

Communication and transparency

  • Provide a platform for students to provide input about proposed changes, and for honest communication between staff and students.
  • Include critical engagement and dialogue in all aspects of campus life.
  • Provide the best technology for online learning, clear standards of education, accessibility, and availability for consultations.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Ensure diversity in staff and students, particularly senior positions.
  • Recognise and support black females in key decision-making roles.
  • Prioritise a decolonised and feminist curriculum.

Inclusivity and diversity

  • Accept and incorporate diverse opinions and academic backgrounds, be intentional and unapologetic about transformation journey.
  • Advance inclusivity and the decolonisation of student residences.
  • Diversify staff, incorporate more African intellectuals and diversify language options for studies.

Quality and excellence

  • Pursue excellence in the workplace, especially effective communication, teaching and learning, leadership, research and inclusivity.
  • Prioritise excellence in research in order to obtain research funding, adhere to international standards, and upgrade facilities.

Professionalism and excellence

  • Ensure professionalism and excellence in conduct, dress and communication.
  • Encourage critical thinking, provide access to the latest research, operational excellence, and mastery of skills.
  • Reward competent lecturers and support staff who are student-focused, with a high level of expertise.

Ethical conduct

  • Prioritise consistency, trust, shared humanity, and dedication to service.
  • Emphasise honesty, integrity, transparency, and ethical leadership.
  • Take personal responsibility for one's actions, behaviour and conduct.

Academic integrity and quality

  • Uphold institutional values and make decisions that prioritise students' academic development.
  • Ensure that decisions add value to students' education, rather than focusing on financial viability.
  • Create an environment that supports academic freedom, authenticity and integrity.

Professional development

  • Focus on professionalism, accountability, inclusiveness, quality assurance, flexibility, problem-solving and corporate governance.
  • Remain up to date with industry developments, continuous learning, collaboration with experts.
  • Provide career development opportunities, and efficient responses to queries and problems.

Empowerment and development

  • Prioritise skills development, take advantage of the opportunities the university has to offer.
  • Consider middle-income households when offering bursaries and investigate providing low cost textbooks.
  • Empower those with disabilities and build relationships globally for better job opportunities.

Support and collaboration

  • Create a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Foster consistency, trust, shared humanity, active listening, and accessibility.
  • Go the extra mile, provide support in difficult times, and ensure that all feel respected and valued.

Collaboration and partnerships

  • Build relationships globally for better job opportunities, collaborate with international academic institutions, and improve relationships with thesis supervisors.
  • Encourage critical thinking, provide access to the latest research, and mastery of skills.

Accountability and responsibility

  • Be punctual, reliable and responsible.
  • Emphasise education, reliability and a positive attitude.
  • Take personal responsibility for physical and mental well-being, and ownership of one's actions, behaviour and conduct.

Accountability and responsibility

  • Hold oneself and peers accountable for actions.
  • Ensure efficient disciplinary processes for both staff and students.
  • Emphasise time management and meet deadlines.
  • Be responsible and avoid plagiarism or unethical behaviour.

Innovation and adaptability

  • Ensure creativity and innovation and listen to staff recommendations.
  • Remain up to date with industry developments, continuous learning, collaborate with experts.
  • Focus on continuous improvement, curiosity, and increasing knowledge.
  • Engage with the community and participate in research meetings and conferences.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

  • Assist communities in need and produce work that benefits society in a sustainable manner.
  • Create a safe environment, invest in indigenous knowledge systems and sustainability, and protect facilities and assets for future generations.

Student support and engagement

  • Deliver high-quality service, efficient responses to student needs and flexibility.
  • Ensure clear and effective communication with students.
  • Produce students with the best graduate attributes.

Student support and well-being

  • Care for the well-being of all students, express kindness and consideration to others, treat others with respect and compassion.
  • Provide in-person support to students, listen to the needs of students.
  • Create a safe and inclusive environment for students, including structured training, leadership development, and career progression programmes.

Well-being and work-life balance

  • Treat others honestly and fairly, acknowledge and reward good work and behaviour.
  • Love what you do, have an attitude of excellence, remain open to constructive criticism that supports growth.
  • Address issues such as unrealistic expectations, lack of support, better work-life balance.
  • Create a "green" culture, provide safe spaces, and encourage flexibility in deadlines.

Equality and fairness

  • Ensure fair assessment, regardless of skin colour.
  • Recognise and address racial disparities, remain factual and objective, ensure transparency in decision-making.