​​​​Winter School 2015

(2-4 June 2015)

Changing the world? An invitation to​ faithful discipleship and responsible citizenship


An invitation to faithful discipleship and responsible citizenship

Many people ask the question: can we change the world? Most Christians will agree that only God can change the world. The question still remains: does this mean that we should sit back and evade our responsibility? We know that the Bible guides us to be faithful disciples of Jesus. We know that God's kingdom encompasses all of creation. Jesus Christ is Lord of every square inch of the universe. This means that discipleship has to do with all dimensions of life. Jesus came to the earth to make a difference in a real world. Discipleship therefore points towards responsible citizenship. 

The vision of the winter school is:

  • Continuing theological education and formation of pastors and other spiritual leaders;
  • Strengthening relationships between the Faculty and different churches, and
  • Discussion of relevant theological, congregational and public issues. 


2 June 2015 - Winter School

Prof Barney Pityana, programme advisor for the Thabo Mbeki foundation, was the keynote speaker at the start of the fifth Winter School on Tuesday 2 June 2015 at the Faculty of Theology.

More than 200 delegates are participating in the programme until Thursday 4 June. It was a special moment when the first ever mother and daughter team took part in the programme: Dr Nadine Bowers Du Toit and her mother, Rev Esmé Bowers, (left front) were both speakers at the Winter School.​