The Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology
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Annual Report 2015


The highlight of 2015 was no doubt the celebration of Beyers Naudé’s 100th birthday on 10 May 2015, marked by three events held in different venues across South Africa and the launch of a publication:​ Cultivating seeds of Hope

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Annual Report 2016


Annual Report 2017



Annual Report 2012

The BNC continues to: Facilitate discussions on a variety of public themes; mediate conflicting positions; empower faith communities; impact and contribute to the transformation of public life

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Annual Report 2013

​On 10 May 2013, on Oom Bey's birthday, the BNC celebrated it's 10th anniversary. International funding and cooperation continued from Kerk in Actie (Netherlands) to four German institutions and the Swedish Christian Council ​​
Annual Report 2014

​The BNC has become a well-established university research centre of the Faculty of Theology that practices research-informed and research-informing community interaction​