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Practical Theology & Missiology (PTM)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the discipline group Practical Theology and Missiology we try to understand how the Word and acts of God take shape in the words and deeds of man in the world. We try to understand what it means to be sent out by God to the world where we live and work. How do we cross the boundaries of culture, race, class, gender, place and age to reach those in need? Theology is witness and words about God. When we see and hear God, God guides us to the needs of our neighbours. What are these needs? What causes these needs? How do we deal with them? How do we equip leaders, members, congregations, to become involved in God's mission to the world?

In the light of these questions, Practical Theology deals with the issues of church ministry, the life of faith communities in different contexts, and the transformative actions within society (development).

​The homiletical process of the church service embedded in liturgical rituals forms the meeting point between God and humankind. We also focus on spirituality development, pastoral care, diaconal outreach, missional involvement, inculturation, as well as contemporary youth questions.

 PTM Staff



Nadine Bowers-Du ToitDepartmental Chair: Practical Theology & Missiology - Community DevelopmentNadine Bowers-Du ToitNadineBowers-Du 808 3856
ProfPractical Theology - 808 3264's/2024%20PUblications/2024%20Publications%20Cas%20Wepener.pdf, Publications list 808 3636
Prof.Practical Theology - 808 3257, Academic CV
Prof.Practical Theology - Ministry 808 9194, Personal website
Prof.Practical Theology - Youth 808 2614, Academic CV
Prof.Practical Theology - Youth WorkProf.ShantelleWebersmweber+2721 808 2186, Academic CV
Rev.Practical Theology - PastorateRev.Nobuntu 808 3856
Dr.Lecturer Practical
Prof.MissiologyProf.Peter 808 3259, Academic CV