Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Undergraduate Programmes

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Faculty of Theology grew out of the Theological Seminary founded by the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) in 1859. Since 2000 the Faculty is not linked to any specific denomination, and the DRC, the Uniting Reformed Church (URC) in South Africa...

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Postgraduate Programmes

​​The Faculty traces its institutional roots back to 1859 and 15 decades of theology has been taught at Stellenbosch. Today it is an open and ecumenical faculty of Stellenbosch University. The Faculty presents theology from a Christian perspective.

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Theology Library

​The Theology library offers staff, students, collaborators and visitors an excellent service with more than 50 000 book titles.  ​

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Teological Student Committee

​The TSC represents the student body in the faculty on various levels. It is also there to assist and support theological students.​​

Theological Student Committee

​HUMARGA has a satellite computer room with approximately 20 computers which is open 24/7 at the Faculty of Theology for the convenience of students. Please use these facilities for academic purposes only and show cons​ideration for fellow-students ​

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Theology Calendar

​Click ​here​ to download the Faculty Calendar for the 2014 year

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