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October 2017​

​Wednesday 4th PhD defence Koebraa Peters     
The role of yachts in the intra-regional transfer of alien fouling species between South African harbours.
(Supervisor: Dr Tammy Robinson, Dr Kerry Sink)
Wednesday 11th PhD defence Hanlie Engelbrecht
The radiation and biogeography of snakes across south-eastern Africa with respect to the evolution of the savanna biome.
(Supervisors: KA Tolley, P.leF.N Mouton)​
Wednesday 18th​​ To be confirmed​
Wednesday 25th

M​Sc defence Nozibusiso Mbongwa
A hidden world beneath the sand: testing phylogeographic and biogeographic patterns of southern African sandy beach species.
(Supervisors: Prof Sophie von der Heyden, Prof Cang Hui)​​

MSc defence Casparus du Plessis
Medicinal Plants of the Khoi-San in the GCFR and their conservation. (Supervisors: Prof Nox Makunga, Dr Gary Stafford)

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