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 November 2017​

​Wednesday 1st

MSc defence Cher Swart

An assessment of invasive predatory marine crabs and the threat they pose along the South African coastline.
(Supervisor: Dr Tammy Robinson)

Thursday 9th CIB Annual Research Meeting​
Friday 10th​​ CIB Annual Research Meeting
Thursday 16th
Departmental Annual Research Meeting​
​Friday 17th
Departmental Annual Research Meeting​​
Tuesday 21st        
MSc defence Phil McLean
Patterns and processes of alien plant invasions in small urban areas in South Africa: the Berg River Catchment as a case study.
(Supervisors: Prof Dave Richardson, Prof John Wilson, Dr Mirijam Gaertner)

MSc defence Zishan Ebrahim
Amphibian conservation i​n an urban park: A spatial approach to quantifying threats to Anura on the Cape peninsula.
(Supervisor: Dr John Measey)
Wednesday 22nd

PhD proposal Molly Czachur
Using environmental DNA metabarcoding to reveal genetic diversity in multiple marine systems of South Africa

(Supervisors: Prof Sophie von der Heyden, Prof Simon Creer)

Wednesday 9th

MSc defence Alta Zietsman
Response of different plant functional types to environmental variability on Marion Island: quantifying diurnal patterns over a seasonal cycle.

(Supervisors: Prof Guy Midgley)

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