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Prof. Alex Valentine

Research focus

Our group is interested in the molecular plant physiology of phosphorus nutrition during plant-microbe interactions. We are currently focussing on the phosphorus nutrition of legumes in symbiosis with yeasts, mycorrhizas and nitrogen fixing bacteria. The research approach is to study the function and regulation of plant-microbe interactions, using physiological and molecular biological tools. In this regard, we are integrating classical plant physiological methods with modern tools such as qRT-PCR, micro-array analysis, proteomics and retro-transposon insertional-mutant lines of Medicago truncatula. Various legumes are being used in specific projects, which include model legumes, indigenous legume, invasive legumes and crop legumes.

Current projects


1) Carbon and nitrogen metabolism in phosphorus deficient nodules of legumes.

a) The regulation of PEPc isoforms in the phosphorus deficient nodules (PHD project)

b) The role malate metabolism in phosphorus deficient nodules (current PHD project)

c) The carbon costs of N nutrition via biological nitrogen fixation and mycorrhizal symbiosis in phosphorus deficient legumes (current PhD project)

d) Roles of micro-RNA and transcription factors during recovery from phosphorus deficiency in legume nodules (available project)

e) Respiratory and photosynthetic carbon costs of nitrogen fixation during P deficiency (available project)

2) Diurnal and circadian regulation of nitrogen fixation in the model legume, Medicago truncatula.

a) Diurnal and circadian regulation of nitrogen fixation by metabolic gene expression networks and respiratory carbon costs (In collaboration with Udvardi laboratory at the Noble Foundation, USA)

b) Nodule clock genes controlling circadian rhythms and expression networks in Medicago truncatula (In collaboration with Udvardi laboratory at the Noble Foundation, USA)

3) Phosphorus nutrition of a retro-transposon insertional-mutant of Medicago truncatula, that forms arbuscule-free mycorrhizal roots.

a) Function of high and low affinity P-transporters in roots and nodules during phosphate starvation (available project)

b) Carbon costs of P acquisition in arbuscule-free roots and nodules during phosphate starvation (available project)

Current team members

Aleysia Kleinert (PhD completed 2010); Karen Cloete (PhD completed 2010); Marcellous Le Roux (PhD student); Peter Mortimer (PhD student); Mark Maistry (PhD student); Chris Daniels (PhD student).

We currently have openings for funded projects at Honours, MSc and PhD levels.

Former lab members
PhD: Aleysia Kleinert, Karen Cloete

MSc: Melissa Lintnaar, Simeon Hengari, Peter Mortimer, Marcellous Le Roux, Caroline Ward, Albertina Ndeinoma, Karen Cloete, Andre Meyer


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Current collaboration

Prof Maria Perez-Fernandez (Universidad Pablo De Olavida, Spain)
Prof Bill Plaxton (Queen’s University, Canada)
Prof Michael Udvardi (Noble Foundation, USA)
Dr Samson Chimpango (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Prof Alf Botha (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Prof Sehaam Kahn (CPUT, South Africa)
Prof Vagner Benedito (University of West-Virginia, USA)
Prof Georgina Hernandez-Delgado (Center for Genomic Sciences, Mexico)

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