Integrated Pest Management Initiative
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​​​​​​​Upcoming workshops...

   Soil Health 101 
​​Instructors: TBD

 Mass-rearing of insects
Instructors: Prof. Des Conlong & Dr. Elsje Pieterse

09-13 September 2019

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Dr. Pia Addison<> 021-808-4671
Caro Kapp <>

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Recent and future workshops...

        Instructors: Prof. Des Conlong & Dr. Elsje Pieterse
Last held:​​ ​​10-14 September 2018

 Phylogenetic workshop 

        Instructor: Dr Jane Wright
Last held:​​ ​​18-22 June 2018 (Introduction to phylogenetics)
​​25-29 June 2018 (Advanced phylogenetics)​​

         ​​​Instructor: Prof. Antoinette P. Malan
     ​Last held - 22-26 January 2018​

 Collembola taxonomy
​​Instructor: Dr. Charlene Janion-Scheepers
Last held -​ 6-10 November 2017

 Moth Identification Workshop - with focus    on false codling moth
​Instructors: Drs. Pia Addison & Corey Bazelet
Future dates - TBD 2019
Last held - ​15,16 November 2017

 Stink bug scouting in apple orchards
​​Instructors: Dr. Schalk Schoeman
​​​Future dates - TBD 2019

​​​Geometric Morphometrics
​​Instructors: Prof. Chris Klingenberg (University of Manchester, UK)
​​​Future dates - TBD 2019​​​