Integrated Pest Management Initiative
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Staff and Students

​​Academic Staff

Pia Addison​​
​Associate Professor
Integrated Pest Management

John Terblanche
Applied Physiological

Antoinette Malan
Associate Professor
Entomopathogenic Nematodes and Fungi
+27 21 808 3299

​Nomakholwa Stokwe
Lecturer: Nematology
Entomopathogenic Nematodes and Fungi
+27 21 808 2546


​Shelley Johnson
Controlled Atmosphere and Temperature Treatment System (CATTS)​
+27 21 808 2694​

​Minette Karsten
Insect Physiology and Genetics
Matthew Addison
Integrated Pest Management
+27 21 808 9517

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​Post Doctoral Fellows

Francois Gulu Bekker
Machine Learning, Integrated Pest Management
Gulu Bekker.jpg
​Leigh Steyn
Integrated Pest Management
Renate Smit
Controlled Atmosphere and Temperature Treatment System​

​​PhD Students
Caro Kapp
Nematodes as bioindicators of Soil Health

Caro Kapp.jpg
​Francois du Preez
Biological control options against false codling moth
Lethodi Mathulwe
Control of Obscure mealybug using entomopathogenic fungi

Erika Huisamen
Gene flow and transcriptomics of false codling moth

Erika Huisamen.jpg
Henriek Bosua
Nutritional physiology of invasive Tephritidae

​Murray Dunn
In vitro culture of entomopathogenic nematodes

​MSc Students​
Abdul Jacobs
Collembola as soil health indicators

​Amandrie Louw
Insect diversity in annual crops
Amandrie Louw.jpg
Ansuli Theron
Cover crops

Chantelle Smit
Host shift determination and digestive physiology of insect pests

​Makhosazana Ngwenya
CATTS for the control of Western flower thrips

​Susana das Neves
Biological control of Bagrada bug

​Steffan Hansen
Physiology and taxonomy of banded fruit weevil

Steffan Hansen.jpg