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Contract research


Using in-house expertise and state-of-the-art rearing and laboratory facilities, ABEKA can conduct ad hoc contract research for the private sector upon request. We can rear and provide certain target insects, scientific advice on experimental setup and data analysis, and perform experimental trials to answer commercial research questions. Data can be analyzed scientifically and reported to the client in a user-friendly way.

The basis for most of the contract research is maintenance of insect colonies and access to insectaries and specialized insect testing equipment (e.g. olfactometers). Some potential themes of contract research projects include:

Resistance testing to determine whether field-collected insects have developed resistance to certain chemical insecticides – a prime concern of growers and chemical companies which can severely affect the efficiency of applied chemical control measures for maintaining low insect population levels.

Bioassays to test products in the lab or on small-scale field conditions in order to determine mortality of target and non-target insects when exposed to particular conditions or products.

Behavioral studies can include "choice tests" where insect study organisms are given a choice of products (e.g. baits or lures) and their preferences and behavioral responses are quantitatively assessed.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Gulu Bekker​|| 021-808-9600