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The Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology mourns the loss of Professor Shayne Jacobs​.

Professor Shayne Jacobs

Associate Professor

Conservation Ecology
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Professor David Le Maitre

Professor Extraordinary

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Landscape hydrology, invasive plant impacts, fire ecology
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David Le Maitre was a Professor Extraordinary in the Department of Conservation Ecology & Entomology.  He was a well-respected ecologist and hydrologist. After retiring from CSIR (where he had worked since 1990), he took up his extraordinary position in the Department in 2020, where he assisted with research projects & co-supervision.  Widely considered a leading expert in eco-hydrology – one of the few in the country - he was key in helping to build our understanding of the hydrological impacts of invasive alien plants in southern Africa.  His knowledge of landscape hydrology was instrumental in the delineation and management of Strategic Water Source Areas – critical parts of the landscape that supply >50% of all river water.  He also had a deep understanding of fire ecology and fire risk management.  David passed away in December 2022.​