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This page provides you with the guidelines and tools to implement our visual identity and
 convey our brand positioning in your day-to-day communication.

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When creating content and messaging for the University, consult the sections under Brand positioning to accurately capture our style of communication. 

When using our logo, slogan and brand graphics, consult the sections under Visual communication to portray a consistent image.

Please note that downloads are available only to users with a Stellenbosch University login. ​

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In accordance with our phased approach to rebranding, some assets are still in the making. We will be adding additional downloadable templates as we go and we welcome your ideas on how these can be improved. So, please do share your feedback with us, watch this space and stay up to date with developments by reading the University’s newsletter channels.​​

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Are you and your team seeking guidance and growth in understanding the essence of the Stellenbosch University brand? Whether it's cultivating a brand-centric mindset towards design, content creation, or delving into the intricacies of branding itself, we're here to support you. Reach out to our Branding Team to arrange a tailored workshop, crafted to meet the needs of your department. Contact us today!

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  ​​ Brand communication

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​Visual communication

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