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Cutting-edge automated biological sample storage and processing service on your doorstep

​The Biorepository Unit provides internal and external researchers with a secure and cost-effective alternative solution for long-term sample storage by using the latest in cutting-edge storage technology – the Hamilton BiOS L5 (BiOS). The unit will also provide sample processing and preparation for storage services with the sophisticated Hamilton easyBlood STAR. The price of storage starts at R9.17 per tube per year.

  • Save space – by eliminating the need to accommodate hundreds of conventional ULT freezers;

  • Save money – by reducing energy costs and eliminating costs associated with purchasing, maintaining and insuring freezers; and

  • Save time – by eliminating hours spent manually searching for samples.

For more information about the Biorepository Unit you can view the brochure or website Alternatively email Rubeshan Nayager at