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Learn to speak Afrikaans

Would you like to be able to chat to your colleagues in Afrikaans once we’re all back on campus?

As Madiba had noted so aptly, when you talk to someone in their language, chances are that you will speak to their hearts, and not to their minds only. Learning a new language also opens doors to the culture of the people speaking that language. Without communication, we misunderstand each other so easily and are sometimes even afraid of one another.

At the SU Language Centre, language is our business. If you’d like to learn Afrikaans (it is after all one of the official languages of the Western Cape), you have come to the right place! We offer an interactive, online Afrikaans language course to the public and University staff, running from the last week in July to October. You will not only have a great linguistic experience, but also learn more about the different cultural groups within the diverse Afrikaans community. If you are interested, please e-mail Vernita Beukes at or call 021 808 2636.