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Important information for users of the central administration system

​​​As many of you are aware, the current central administration system (TeraTerm) has reached the end of its lifecycle and will next year be replaced by SUNFin, a modern, centralised, cloud-based finance platform. (More on SUNFin here)

TeraTerm was developed in 1989 and can no longer be adequately maintained and upgraded. In the meantime, Information Technology has to keep it functioning optimally for the next few months and you can help us achieve this by doing a​ few simple things:

  1. If possible, don't open too many multiple sessions. This might overload the system and cause other users to be denied access. 
  2. If you've finished working for the day, don't just close the screen by clicking on the red X. Please log off entirely by selecting PF12 and then choose option Afteken. (see below image 1)
  3. If you've finished with a programme and you won't be using it for at least ten minutes, use PF12 to sign off. You can keep the TeraTerm main menu (see below image 2) open in case you need to work again.
  4. If you know there will be loadshedding, PF12 and sign off from the system. Otherwise your session will stay live.


Image 1 
Image 2