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Auxin: AI² x Auxin: AI-enabled learning
Author: Simbongile Ntwasa
Published: 17/05/2023

Auxin:  AI² x Auxin: AI-enabled learning

As AI continues to transform our world, higher education (HE) faces the challenge of redefining its purpose and equipping students with the skills necessary for an AI-enabled future. In this second AI² x Auxin session, we explore the possibilities of incorporating AI into our learning practices. 

Drawing on the perspectives of scholars such as Aoun (2017) and McKenna (2023), we consider which essential literacies and skills students need to acquire to be “robot-proof" and in service to society. With Dai, Lui & Lim's (2023) description of ChatGPT as an 'enabler' in the HE environment, we propose it as a tool that can facilitate students' self regulated learning and enhance the learning process. We follow an open yet cautious approach to the incorporation of AI in our learning context, emphasising the need to critically engage with and evaluate AI-enabled tools. 

Dr Albert Strever from the Department of AgriEconomics will demonstrate how he utilises ChatGPT for learning in his undergraduate modules. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session, please come prepared with your questions.​

The Speakers

Dr Albert Strever is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Viticulture and Oenology in the Faculty of AgriSciences and coordinates the innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the faculty. Although he specialised in and still teaches in Viticulture, his work with INNOVUS and Launchlab as well as in the Winetech innovation committee in promoting new business ideas and development in Agriculture have led to an ambition to specialise in entrepreneurship and innovation/technology integration in higher education. This also led to him registering in 2022 along with the first intake for the Master's degree in Engineering Management (MEM) students at Stellenbosch University. Dr Strever is engaging on several forums on the use of AI in teaching, learning and assessment currently and also actively integrating these aspects in undergraduate teaching activities in entrepreneurship and other modules. Dr Strever is also currently participating in the Teaching Advancement at University (TAU) Fellowship Programme. 

Dalene Joubert is an advisor at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Stellenbosch University (SU). She holds a joint Masters Degree from SU and the University of Leiden, a PGCE from Unisa and she is currently busy with her PhD in Translations Studies at SU. Dalene has a passion for learning and teaching, and has been in the space for over a decade – she has taught at both Rhodes University and SU, as well as Paul Roos Gymnasium. She is currently exploring the intersection between AI and teaching, learning and assessment in higher education for the SU context. Dalene is administrating and involved in developing two short courses in AI literacy for higher education - an SU short course as well as a StellenboschX offering.


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