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Third International Workshop on Combating Transnational Crime in Africa
Author: Professor F. Vreÿ
Published: 03/04/2023

​The partnership between SIGLA (Stell Univ) and DTRA of the USA has since 2016 resulted in a series of International Workshops on Combating Transnational Crime in Africa. This year the third event held in Stellenbosch over 3 days focussed on countering cybersecurity threats with about 85 delegates from African countries, INTERPOL, the African Union, UNODC, the RSA, UK and USA participating. The themes covered INTERPOL measures, the African Union, critical infrastructure, SABRIC, maritime cyber threats, and included grassroots measures to protect and empower vulnerable groups such as the women and the youth. Enquiries: Prof Francois Vreÿ - (0825934225)​