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You can make a real difference on our campus
Author: Petro Mostert
Published: 21/03/2023

By Anita Nel

I am incredibly privileged to lead one of SU's most dynamic and successful divisions. There is not a university on this continent that offers the quality of accommodation, technology transfer expertise, student centres, support for short courses, and commercial activities that SU does. This is the result of an excellent team of people with a "can do" attitude, a shared strategic vision, an incredible work ethic, loyalty to SU, and an exceptional ability to deliver the goods. 

In your roles, you can make a real difference on our campus. Whether it's providing a safe, comfortable, and healthy living and social space for students, creating an educational botanical garden focused on the conservation of near-extinct species, transferring university inventions to the benefit of society, protecting the intellectual property and trademarks of the university, supporting our stakeholders to further their education through short courses at SU, sweating the university's assets or providing excellent transport services - your work has an impact far beyond the walls of the university.

These achievements are a team effort, and I look forward to another year of excellence with the wonderful colleagues in our division!​