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Learners can access SU Advantage for only R99pm
Author: Petro Mostert
Published: 03/02/2023

​​​​​​Stellenbosch University's SUNCOM division, in partnership with its Centre for Pedagogy (SUNCEP), offers high school learners access to its supplementary educational platform SU Advantage for R99 per month for a year as an introductory offer for 2023. SU Advantage augments the high school learning experience and supports grade 10, 11, and 12 learners.

With SU Advantage, learners have access to a combination of short, animated video lessons and long-form, in-depth lessons summarising essential aspects of each topic learners would have covered across eleven subjects. These video lessons aim to enhance what learners were exposed to in the classroom and explain how they can expect the work to be assessed in tests and examinations.

The platform also boasts bi-weekly live lessons. The live lessons are presented in a way that helps learners get a glimpse into how specific topics might be assessed in exams. During these sessions, learners can engage with teachers to better understand the work they would have done by that point in time in class. 

"Our goal is not to replace traditional mainstream schooling, and SU Advantage is therefore not an online school. Instead, SU Advantage can enhance and amplify what learners are exposed to in classrooms. This is what is meant with supplementary education," says Gary Muizenheimer, Operations Director of Stellenbosch University's commercial unit, SUNCOM. 

The University created SU Advantage using a unique and tested pedagogical approach to facilitate effective online learning. After each video lesson, learners can do an online assessment to test their understanding of the material they have studied. If they require further exposure to specific topics, SU Advantage offers digital workbooks with accompanying memos in each subject that elaborate on critical concepts.

SU Advantage was launched in 2022.

"SU Advantage is Stellenbosch University's response to some of our country's education system's challenges. In line with Our Vision 2040, our University is inclusive, innovative, and advancing knowledge in service of society. We believe this tool gives learners the advantage they need to improve their marks and become our next-generation students at SU," says Professor Wim de Villiers, SU Rector, and Vice-Chancellor.

All resources available on the platform have been created by experienced educators who have excelled in their teaching careers. Simply put, the learning material available on SU Advantage is of high quality and designed in such a way that it ensures a holistic understanding for learners.

"From our market research, the youth has high expectations regarding the digital content they prefer to consume. That's exactly why the learning content on SU Advantage is short, to the point, and attention-grabbing," Muizenheimer said.

Although any learner can subscribe to SU Advantage, various corporate sponsors made funds available to ensure that learners in under-resourced communities can reap its benefits.

"Since its inception, SU Advantage has been used by hundreds of learners from schools with limited resources, at no cost, across the country, and this number continues to grow as we partner with more role-players in the private and public sectors," comments Muizenheimer when asked about the societal impact of their solution.

The University's platform is forward-looking. SU Advantage does not purport to be a short-term solution for learners. Instead, it's a platform to help learners perform better in school, life beyond, and future careers. Ultimately, they have upward economic mobility in mind. 

"We've made it our mandate to make tertiary education a reality for more South African youths. By providing foundational support to high school learners in the senior phases of their educational journey, SU Advantage can help them improve their chances of being accepted into tertiary learning institutions," adds Muizenheimer.  ​

For the month of February 2023, subscriptions to SU Advantage can be purchased for R99 per month. Learners who have joined the platform using the promotional price will continue to pay R99 in coming months too.

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This is what some learners said about SU Advantage:

"It's an excellent tool to assist me with my schoolwork and understanding of the work. It helps me learn things before we learn them at school and broadens my knowledge on the topic I am learning about." Risendran Naidoo - Earlington Secondary School, Ethekwini, KwaZulu-Natal.

"Everything I require is easily accessible and has a user-friendly interface on SU Advantage. It has aided my preparation for tests; I use it to review my work and even prepare for class. The videos are well explained and easily understood." Aasiyah Davids - Pelican Park High School, Cape Town, Western Cape.​

"The small quizzes that follow a lesson also help solidify what we learned in each lesson. It's conducive when it draws near to exams, as the short lessons help us recap much quicker. Iman Norodien - Head Girl at Pelican Park High School, Cape Town, Western Cape.

"I am seeing a difference in my results," Sibabalwe Maweza - SA College School, Pretoria, Gauteng.


This is what some educators from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) said about SU Advantage:

"The lesson material is excellent; it has good detail and is simple to understand. The lessons follow a good logic sequence." Keenan Rasmus - Physical Sciences: Advisor; Mark Dokter- Mathematics: Advisor (Subject advisors: Garden Route district).

"I experience your content as useful and a novel way for learners to engage with their learning material. The lessons are well thought through and can only benefit those who try to log in regularly." Jenny Bridgeman - Head: Curriculum support (Overberg district).

 "SU Advantage is truly a valuable resource for self-guided and independent learning. The resources are spot-on and relevant to what is taught in grade 12." Hein Adonis - Subject advisor: Life- and Natural Sciences (Overberg district).

"I love the platform. I look forward to utilizing it regularly." Keenan Moses- Senior Education Specialist: Accounting (Central Karoo district).



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