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SUNFin celebrates new milestones
Author: Petro Mostert
Published: 17/11/2022

The SUNFin project team recently celebrated new milestones after working tirelessly to map the financial business processes in Oracle Cloud Financials (OCF) to meet Stellenbosch University's requirements and adhere to OCF global best practice.   

The team has also populated the training guides within the Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) software to align with the mapped business processes. The team will use OGL to train and support the end users of the new SUNFin solution.  

“I am extremely proud of the SUNFin project team members for achieving these milestones. I know how hard the entire team worked to meet these timelines while continuing their normal duties to provide the required financial support to the university," says Chief Director Finance and SUNFin project owner, Manie Lombard.  

The IT Integration team has worked closely with the Finance subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop various integration solutions to ensure that the required SU peripheral systems, such as Planon, FKT, and the vehicle fleet system, will be able to “talk to" the OCF application when SUNFin goes live. 

Denisha Jairam-Owthar, Chief Director IT, believes that IT and business should work closely together as a team to develop IT solutions that meet the needs of the University. “How the IT Integration team has adopted an agile way of working with the Finance team on the SUNFin project, has created the benchmark for future projects at Stellenbosch University," she says. ​

The project team is currently setting up the OCF test system and loading SU data into this environment. User acceptance testing will follow. The testing phase is planned to run until the end of February 2023.The training material will be finalised after testing, and end-user training is planned for May 2023. 

“We will communicate the cutover and deployment processes and dates to relevant staff members within the faculties and PASS divisions well in advance to ensure a successful go-live in June 2023," confirmed Lombard.  

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