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2023 applications for current SU students open
Author: Registrar / Registrateur​
Published: 04/07/2022
​Dear Student

As you may know, Stellenbosch University (SU) is currently implementing a new student information system, SUNStudent. If you intend applying to start a new programme in 2023, you will be part of the first current SU students to apply via this new system.
The following current SU student categories are required to use the new application process:
  • current SU undergraduate students who intend to apply to change to a different undergraduate programme in 2023;
  • current SU undergraduate students who intend to apply for a postgraduate programme in 2023;
  • current SU postgraduate students who intend to apply for a higher postgraduate programme in 2023; and
  • current SU doctoral candidates who intend to apply for a post-doctoral programme next year.
Applications for the above categories will open on Monday, 4 July 2022. Please take note of the application closing dates for the respective academic programmes as late applications cannot be considered. Undergraduate applications close on 31 July 2022. Refer to the postgraduate webpage for information about the closing dates for postgraduate applications.
To submit an application, please take note of the following steps: 
  1. SUNStudent
Access the portal HERE
  1. Application process
Step 1: Log into the applications page via the Applicant icon, and select the Create a profile link.
Step 2: Select the button Current/Previous Student or Staff.

Step 3: Type your student number and date of birth in the following format: <Student number>yyyymmdd> (example: 1234567820020612 and click Fetch Details.
Step 4: Update the Create Profile page.
NOTE: Information marked in grey can only be updated via a formal email to to request such changes. You may use the email address provided on the profile page or you may replace it with a new email address for communication with you.
Step 5: Create a new password for your application for 2023.
Step 6: Once you have completed the Create Your Profile page and have clicked on the Create button, a successful message will appear. You can then select the link to continue with your application, or return to the application page. Here you will be required to enter the same email address and password details you provided on your Create Profile page in step 4.
Step 7: On the application portal page, click on Programme Selection and then Add to select the programme you would like to apply for. Select the Faculty, Programme Type and Programme, Year of studies and click Save.
Step 8: Click Personal Information and complete the outstanding details. Click Save.
Step 9: Click Payment and agreement. Select “I accept the Application Terms and Conditions” and click Submit Application.
Step 10: Students who are currently registered at Stellenbosch University and students who were registered in 2022, but discontinued their studies, are not required to pay an application fee. On the Payment and Agreement page you must click on Will pay later option to enable us to waive the application fee when you submit your application.
  1. Enquiries
Any enquiries regarding your application can be directed to our Client Services at
We look forward to receiving your application.
Kind regards

Dr Ronel Retief