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Lost and found items will be donated if not collected
Author: Petro Mostert
Published: 25/06/2022

Campus Security offers the service of managing lost and found personal items. Students and other members of the campus community regularly hand items to campus security found on or around campus. Security staff regularly identify the owner of items handed in and then contact the owner to collect their belongings. Owners are required to provide details that correspond with where an item was lost to ensure that the rightful owner receives his belongings back. Owners of the lost property also enquire at the security desk and, in many cases, are reunited with their precious belonging. 

"We are concerned that there are many items that nobody comes to collect. As we are running out of storage space, our security staff will be left with no alternative but to donate personal belongings that have not been claimed or collected to a local welfare organisation," says Melany le Roux, manager security systems and intelligence.

"Campus Security appreciate the assistance of student leaders to spread the message to the wider campus community that lost items could potentially be found and handed in at the security office at 62 Merriman Street, Stellenbosch."

Le Roux says the office is open day and night throughout the year.

"People regularly accept that it is a lost cause to receive a stolen phone, pair of spectacles, brush, purse, memory stick or even a whole bag. The reality is that there are still many people around that will do the right thing to hand found items in rather than keep them. Campus Security regularly observes astonished owners of items when they receive their belonging back."