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SU welcomes Human Rights Commission investigation
Author: Corporate Communication and Marketing / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking
Published: 27/03/2021

Stellenbosch University remains committed to multilingualism and for that reason Management welcomes the investigation by the SAHRC as well as the opportunity to respond to clear up matters with regard to the use of Afrikaans in residences and social spaces. 

Via its Division of Student Affairs, the University launched an own investigation, while it also engaged with student leaders in residences on the matter, with a process underway to work towards a common understanding of the Language Policy (2016). This included workshops on language policy implementation to empower student leaders and also to ensure adherence to the policy. These workshops also explore ways of promoting multilingualism among students.

Importantly, the University is an educational institution and therefore the situation is treated constructively as a learning opportunity. This is critically important in our diverse and multilingual campus community.

As a sign of how serious the University takes the matter at hand, it also launched an independent investigation.

SU's previous comments on the matter are available here.