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SU honours academics with Research Output Awards
Author: Division for Research Development
Published: 05/02/2021

Stellenbosch University's (SU) annual Research Output Award ceremony took place virtually on Friday 5 February 2021. The awards were presented to SU researchers who made the biggest contribution to accredited publications (based on audited publication statistics of the 2018-output year) and doctoral graduates (December 2019/March 2020 graduations).

For the purpose of the recognition with regards to accredited publications, two categories were taken into account, namely (i)  researchers making the biggest contributions in terms of the publication subsidy units (PUs) of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) (cut-off this year was 4.45) and (ii) researchers who produced the highest number of accredited research publications in collaboration with their national and international research partners and students (cut-off this year was 14). In this round, supervisors who delivered three or more doctorates for the period mentioned were also acknowledged.

Prof Eugene Cloete, Deputy Vice-Chancellor​: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies at SU, presented the awards and said research publications and doctoral graduates are among the most important products that SU researchers deliver. These activities make a critical contribution to expanding SU's international reputation as an excellent research university and make a significant contribution to SU's annual income. More importantly is the fact that new knowledge generated at SU in this manner is transferred to a global audience, thus enhancing the application of research results and the establishment of high level human capacity. 

“Researchers delivering these types of outputs of high quality are regarded as some of the most important assets at any university. I consider it a privilege to be able to give recognition to the outstanding performance of this group of researchers," said Prof Cloete.​

Echoing Cloete's sentiments, Prof Wim de Villiers, Rector and Vice-Chancellor at SU, congratulated all the awardees and said: “Research can be demanding, but it is also exhilarating. I appreciate all our researchers` outstanding contribution, their continued resilience and adaptability to change – as we have seen also in the past year. I am impressed with their sterling efforts and the impact that their research has, which contributes greatly to the aims set out in SU`s Vision 2040".

The following researchers received awards:

ProfAkudugu, JohnRadiobiology 
ProfAndrason, AlexanderAncient Studies
ProfBantjes, JasonPsychology
ProfBarbour, LenChemistry and Polymer Science
DrBotma, GabriëlJournalism
ProfBurger, RonelleEconomics
ProfCotton, MarkPaediatrics and Child Health
ProfDavids, NuraanEducation Policy Studies
ProfDerman, WayneOrthopaedic Surgery
ProfDonaldson, RonnieGeography and Environmental Studies
ProfDu Plessis, AntonPhysics
ProfDu Plessis, StanEconomics
DrEhlers, EhlersHistory
ProfEsler, KarenConservation Ecology and Entomology
ProfFataar, AslamEducation Policy Studies
ProfFourie, JohanEconomics
ProfGörgens, JohannProcess Engineering
ProfGrobbelaar, SaraIndustrial Engineering
ProfHeinecken, LindySociology and Social Anthropology
ProfHesseling, AnnekeCBTBR
ProfHui, CangMathematics
ProfKagee, AshrafPsychology
ProfKlumperman, BertChemistry and Polymer Science
ProfLe Grange, LesleyCurriculum Studies
DrMarwa, NyankomoUSB
ProfMash, RobertFamily Medicine and Primary Care
ProfMbaya, HenrySystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
ProfMouton, JohannCREST
TonyNaidoo, TonyPsychology
ProfOpara, LinusHorticultural Sciences
ProfPretorius, ResiaPhysiological Sciences
ProfRichardson, DaveCentre for Invasion Biology
DrRoos, HildeAfrica Open Institute
ProfSchaaf, SimonPaediatrics and Child Health
ProfSchutte, CorneIndustrial Engineering
ProfSchwarz, CaraProcess Engineering
ProfSeedat, SorayaPsychiatry
ProfSmith, CarinePhysiological Sciences
ProfStrauss, ErickBiochemistry 
ProfSwartz, LesliePsychology
ProfTomlinson, MarkInstitute for Health Course Life Research
ProfVan Otterlo, WillemChemistry and Polymer Sciences
DrVan Schalkwyk, SamanthaPsychology
ProfVan Vuuren, JanIndustrial Engineering
ProfVan Zijl, GideonCivil Engineering
ProfVenter, RanelSport Science
ProfWaghid, YusefEducation Policy Studies
ProfWalker, CherrylSociology and Social Anthropology 
ProfWalzl, GerhardMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
ProfWarren, RobinMolecular Biology and Human Genetics 

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