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Jan Mouton Learning Centre sets the benchmark for future developments at SU
Author: Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking [Rozanne Engel]
Published: 25/01/2021


The new and innovative Jan Mouton Learning Centre will soon open its doors to Matie students.

Nestled between the Langenhoven (Neelsie) student centre, and the Polymer Science building, the Jan Mouton Learning Centre will serve as a general learning and teaching facility at Stellenbosch University (SU), where students, staff and stakeholders of the University and the broader public can interact with each other.

“Despite advances in technology and the rapid developments in distance learning, there will always be a need for personal interaction while learning. This centre, with its various lecture rooms, breakaway rooms and big open spaces, makes interaction so much easier," says Prof Stan du Plessis, Chief Operating Officer at SU.

Work on the centre, which will accommodate more students than any other current teaching space on the SU campus, started in October 2017 and will be open to all SU students when they return to campus on 15 March 2021.

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According to Du Plessis, the classrooms and auditorium are equipped with state-of-the-art Smart technology, which will furthermore “enable students to be connected to cyberspace seamlessly," and add to an improved learning environment.

The centre also has a low carbon footprint, which includes a greywater system that serves the ablutions. Group-work classrooms respectively seating 350, 270 and 150 will provide the flexibility for lecturers and students to adapt their environment to facilitate discussion and teamwork.

Another huge advantage is that the Jan Mouton Centre was designed according to the principles of universal access, ensuring that people with disabilities can use the whole facility, its restrooms, auditorium and classrooms with ease.

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“The new centre sets the benchmark for future development of buildings on campus. The learning spaces were specifically designed to cater for the modern pedagogies developed around interactive and hybrid learning.

“The Jan Mouton Centre will also expand our physical learning environment, which will in turn enhance our learning and teaching capacity. It will be providing a bigger and better space, where future learning will take place and make the University even more accessible to more visitors," says Du Plessis.

Unlike most academic buildings on SU's campuses, no single faculty will be the building's custodian. The centre will also be used for conferences, which will give access to people outside the University as well. The centre will also have ample parking space in the basement and outside of the facility.

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