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SU Convocation: Call for nominations
Author: Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni
Published: 26/10/2020

​​​Members of Stellenbosch University's (SU) Convocation have been invited to nominate candidates to serve on the executive committee for a term of three years after three vacancies had arisen on the executive committee of the Convocation.

These vacancies had occurred after the resignation of the President, the secretary and one of the additional members.

Nominations are open for 30 days and will close on Thursday, 26 November 2020. Nominations must be submitted via e-mail to on or before the closing date.

A member can be nominated for election by one proposer, and four other members must second the nomination. The nomination must be accompanied with a declaration by the nominee that he/she accepts the nomination and will abide by the rules for the election and must include a vision statement of no more than 50 words.

  • CLICK HERE for the nomination form.

  • CLICK HERE to read more on the procedure to nominate and elect the Executive Committee of the Convocation.