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Chanine believes in paying it forward
Author: Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni
Published: 11/06/2020

Stellenbosch University (SU) alumni never fail to impress with their commitment to making life better for others and their loyalty to their alma mater.

One such Matie is Chanine Klomp, who has made a generous donation to SU's recently launched COVID‑19 Relief Fund. Chanine, who currently works in London as a programme manager at Facebook, has asked that her donation be used in any of the five focus areas identified by the University.

These areas include broadening digital access to bridge the digital divide, creating food security via our #Move4Food campaign, providing support for SU's healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, providing support for our researchers and helping the broader Stellenbosch community.

We got to know Chanine a little better.

Tell us more about yourself.

I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by the Stellenbosch mountains. I started my schooling at Laerskool Stellenbosch, moved on to Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof and finished as a Matie in 2012 when I received my Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering. The years that I spent in Stellenbosch as a Matie (2009–2012) are definitely the highlight of my life as I made lifelong friends and learned so much academically and socially.

What kind of work do you do?

I started my career as a process engineer at Deloitte Consulting in Johannesburg. Deloitte provided me with a great opportunity to do a secondment in Scotland for a year. After Scotland, I decided to continue living on this side of the world as it was so much more accessible and affordable to travel and explore the world from this side. Therefore, I moved to Dublin where I worked for Deloitte Consulting in Ireland for three years. At the start of this year, I moved to London to work for Facebook as a programme manager in the Business Planning and Operations Department. Facebook is an amazing company to work for and really cares about its employees and the community. 

Why do you donate?

Donating is something that I see as a necessity for ensuring that more people can receive the opportunities that I had growing up. The majority of my donations are for organisations in South Africa as it remains my home and the need is just so great. Donating is my way of not running away from all the problems that our country is facing but rather helping to build our country through equipping our people and organisations who are fighting to break the poverty cycle. It is a bit like paying it forward if I give time or money to people to enable them to look after their families and communities. 

How long have you been a donor?

I would say that I have given back in various forms, in terms of both money and time. While living in Johannesburg, I donated my time to two Grade 11 boys from Alexandra township to provide motivation and support through their last two school years. Throughout the time that I spent with them, I could really see how the boys' confidence and hope of a better future grew as they previously had not really seen a future beyond school. Both the boys matriculated with high marks and are graduating this year. I have always donated money here and there but really started to donate this year to various charities in South Africa, including the Red Cross and Stellenbosch University. I soon realised that the pound-to-rand exchange went a long way and could make a major difference to the lives of people in South Africa.

Why did you choose to support Stellenbosch University now?

I believe in the power of education as it will enable more people to have the opportunities that I had and to earn enough money to look after themselves and their families or communities. 

Will you encourage others to donate as well?

Yes, I always encourage others to donate and have arranged two charity pub quizzes for my niece who has special needs, which has taught me that every bit helps and that people are really caring and giving! This is something that I learnt from the Irish as well as that there is constantly a charity to support. 

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