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Auxin session with Jerall Toi and Jerusha Naidoo
Author: CTL/SOL
Published: 09/03/2020

​The CTL hereby invites you to a lunch-hour session as part of the AUXIN Project. The AUXIN Project aims to create growth opportunities for SU lecturers.

Presenters: Jerall Toi & Jerusha Naidoo of the SU Division for Information Governance

Jerall might sometimes introduce himself as a privacy professional and immediately thereafter argue that privacy is not actually a profession. He often gets asked if he is an attorney (he’s not). Rather, privacy draws on and co-ordinates a variety of other professions and disciplines. Jerall’s career is peppered with IT and audit firm jargon, part-time game design, and board membership of a technology-oriented non-profit.

Jerusha is a wearer of many hats. One of them is that she is currently a non-practising attorney. She has a background in general legal practice and in legal and compliance consulting. She enjoys privacy law as an emerging area of law which speaks across all disciplines. She is a fan of good coffee and tasty food.

Title of Presentation: Privacy legislation and innovative teaching practices 

Blurb (Including Conclusions and Implications for Teaching and Learning at SU): Privacy is a human right. But, as academics, how do we give effect to that right in the lecture hall? During this session, Jerall and Jerusha will bust several privacy myths. They will also introduce the SU privacy impact methodology—the output of research conducted within the Division for Information Governance—as an enabler, rather than a compliance burden, of innovative teaching practices and technologies.

Date of Presentation: 24 March 2020
Venue: Den Bosch, 41 Victoria Street (opposite House Skuilhoek and directly behind the Conservatoire) on Stellenbosch campus.

Please RSVP by contacting Juanita Layman and indicate if you have dietary requirements.

Enquiries & RSVP: 

Ms Juanita Layman

021 808 3717

If, for some or other reason, you are no longer able to attend the AUXIN, we request that you please CANCEL your registration at least 24 hours before the time, by contacting Ms Layman (contact details above). There are certain financial costs incurred by the CTL for each AUXIN, and the request is to minimise financial implications.

A podcast will be available on the CTL website after the session: