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​New terms of reference for Institutional Transformation Committee
Author: Office of the Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation & Personnel
Published: 05/12/2019

The Rectorate recently approved new terms of reference for SU's Institutional Transformation Committee (ITC). The ITC advances Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019–2024, SU's Transformation Plan as well as the implementation of the transformation imperatives articulated in faculties and responsibility centres' environmental plans.

The ITC assists the transformation committees of the various faculties and responsibility centres (RCs) in utilising the Transformation Plan as a tool to envision, guide, coordinate and advance transformation processes at the University. It also monitors and reports (internally) on progress towards transformation targets. Moreover, the ITC serves as a consultative body to the Rectorate, the Transformation portfolio, the Institutional Forum (IF), the Appointments Committee of Senate, faculties, RCs and other environments.

The committee comprises representatives from each of the faculties and RCs, the Students' Representative Council (SRC), the Student Institutional Transformation Committee as well as the IF. Ex-officio members of the ITC are:

  • the Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel (as chairperson);
  • the senior director of Social Impact and Transformation;
  • the director/head of the Transformation Office;
  • the director of Employment Equity; and
  • the director/head of the Equality Unit.

Any vacancies on the committee are filled by the respective environments. Other members of the Rectorate, deans and other senior managers as well as other representative bodies may be invited to attend ITC meetings as needed.

The ITC is mandated by the Rectorate and reports to the Rectorate at least twice a year. The committee may also submit special reports relating to specific important issues for discussion by the Rectorate. ITC members share relevant information with faculty and RC transformation committees, and vice versa.