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SUNLearn Update 2020
Author: Thys Murray
Published: 06/11/2019

​​​Theme Change and Upgrade

SUNLearn, Stellenbosch University's Learning Management System (LMS), is the core platform for learning, teaching and assessment. To ensure that the best student experience is enabled by the LMS, it is crucial that the user experience reflects the high quality and innovative identity that Stellenbosch University aims to deliver. The current SUNLearn theme design is outdated and resulted in compatibility issues during annual system upgrades.

SUNLearn has been customized to provide a fit-for-purpose environment in which lecturers and students are able to engage with academic and co-curricular content. This will allow for an enhanced user experience without the risk of losing any of the current functionality. This theme redesign will not impact on the ability of lecturers to share content, communicate with students or assess learning. Students will also be able to continue with normal LMS functionality. The redesign allows for a cleaner and more modern feel to the LMS. This new theme will be installed during the general downtime when the Moodle software will also be upgraded from version 3.5 to 3.7.

Please see this video to get an overview of the look and feel of the new theme for facilitators.

Both the system upgrade and theme installation will happen 13-17 December 2019. Once the theme is installed, SUNLearn will look different, but will function exactly the same. During the downtime the system may become available, but any activity during this period is strongly not recommended.

In case of any questions, please contact the Learning Technologies call centre at
or phone
021 808 2222