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Family launches Martie van der Linde Bursary Fund
Author: Development & Alumni / Ontwikkeling & Alumni
Published: 16/08/2019

The late Martie van der Linde, a popular Stellenbosch University (SU) staff member who passed away in 2018, was keen to learn, to grow, and to explore. Now, thanks to the newly established Martie van der Linde Bursary Fund, a deserving Matie student will get the opportunity to do the same and pursue their higher education dreams.

The Martie van der Linde Bursary Fund was launched on Wednesday, 14 August 2019, one year after her passing. "The Fund was started by Martie's three children in collaboration with her colleagues at the Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) Division," says Prof Niel Krige, Chairperson of the Development Office, with whom Martie worked closely.

"The Bursary Fund already has a significant amount in its coffers after financial contributions from a number of donors who knew Martie over the course of her career, her three children, colleagues and friends," Prof Krige says.

Martie's children and the DAR Division will set the criteria for bursary recipients at a later stage. "A successful candidate will be announced later this year, with the first recipient set to receive funds for the 2020 academic year," Prof Krige adds.

"We want to celebrate my mother's legacy, keep her memory alive and at the same time make a positive difference to students' lives, especially the missing middle students that were so close to her heart," says her son, Sollie van der Linde.

"Giving without boundaries was an integral part of who she was. She truly had a remarkable impact on everyone's lives, to the extent that we were inundated with offers from people who wanted to help celebrate her legacy," he says.

"She expressed some concern about students who do not qualify for full bursaries, but who also do not have enough private funding to pay full-time tuition fees. So in an effort to try to embrace her endless empathy, we started this bursary fund in her name," he adds.

Martie, known as the "queen of events" at the University, passed away on 14 August 2018. (Farewell Martie van der Linde)

She was a well-known staff member at SU for over 22 years - starting off as a personal assistant, then working her way up to become Head: Events and Public Relations at the Corporate Communications Division, before moving to the DAR Division in 2015. During her time at SU, she organised the inauguration of three SU Rectors, Professors Chris Brink, Russel Botman and Wim de Villiers and two Chancellors, Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert and Dr Johann Rupert. She was even called upon to organise the funerals of Chancellors, Prof Elize Botha and Dr Van Zyl Slabbert as well as former Rector Prof Botman.

  • If you would like to contribute to the Martie van der Linde Bursary Fund, please contact