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Faculty of Education bids farewell to Prof Malan
Author: Prof Christa van der Walt
Published: 15/08/2019

​​​​​​On 28 July the Faculty of Education bid farewell to Prof Johan Malan, who acted as dean for the past 15 months. In these 15 months he steered the faculty through a restructuring process which secured its  future. His experience led him to see problems and inefficiency in the system and under his leadership the faculty could collaboratively develop new strategies and systems that ensured its immediate future. He demonstrated to the University management that the faculty performed above the University average on all but one core performance area. In the process new energy was created to tackle and solve old problems. Prof Malan's sense of humour and willingness to listen were excellent characteristics that resulted in positive outcomes during difficult times. He leaves a grateful faculty which is ready to face the future with the new dean, Prof Mbulungeni Madiba.