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Engaged teaching and learning of system dynamics using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at SPL’s Sustainable Development Pr
Author: SPL Marketing/SPL Bemarking
Published: 09/06/2019

​How can we ignite our imagination in articulation of sustainability issues using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®?

In the 2019 System Dynamics Modelling 771 module, Professor Josephine Musango, the Coordinator and facilitator of the module, invited Dr Jenson Goh from Residential College 4, National University of Singapore who is a certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY method and expert in using games pedagogy for teaching and learning.  

The 2019 class constituted of 16 students who were divided into four groups of four students working on the issues of gender-based violence (Gender-Based Violence Group), management of menstrual health at school (Bloody Mary Group), the dilemma of social media users (So Much Pressure Group) and the challenge of meeting electricity for urban population (The Spark Group).

Curious to learn how each group articulated their respective problem for the system dynamics modelling 771 group assignment? Click the links below:


Gender-Based Violence Group:

Bloody Mary Group:

So Much Pressure Group:

The Spark Group:

Attached Photo: 2019 System Dynamics Modelling 771 participants with Prof Josephine Musango (far left) and Dr Jenson Goh (far right)