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Faculty Education Blended Learning Seminar
Author: Dr Anthea H M Jacobs T&L Advisor: Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) / Faculty of Education
Published: 13/11/2018


FACULTY OF EDUCATION BLENDED LEARNING DAY 06 NOVEMBER 2018 held in R3008 Education Building from 09h00 – 12h45

In 2017, the Faculty of Education started offering the Bachelor of Education Honours (B Ed Hons)  via Blended Learning (BL). This was a learning curve for staff, as many were exposed to online teaching for the first time. 

The first year was mainly about getting used to technology (SUNLearn)[1], but the Faculty felt that the time had come to engage more actively with the pedagogical side of this mode of teaching and learning – hence the idea to arrange a BL day.

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