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Come and explore SU’s 100 artefacts representing a 100 years
Author: Corporate Communication/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie [Rozanne Engel]
Published: 01/11/2018

​The exciting exhibition, “100 Artefacts for 100 years" was launched at Stellenbosch University (SU) Museum on the Stellenbosch campus on Wednesday evening (31 October 2018). Offering an interesting glimpse of SU's 100-year history, the exhibition enthralled those who attended the event.

The exhibition aims to represent the different faculties, divisions and activities at SU over the ten decades as wide as possible. However, the hundred artefacts do not each represent one of the hundred years or tell a chronological story. The date linked to each of the artefacts gives an indication of the year in which the object was made or used by SU.

The exhibition includes a touch-screen that will enable the public to test their knowledge of SU.

Prof Matilda Burden, Senior Curator: Museum Research, said the items on display will each have its own unique story to tell and is directly linked to the University. “It might not tell a one continuing story of the University, but each artefact has a story that contributes to how we know the University today."

At the launch, Prof Burden also received the Honorary Award from the e'Bosch Heritage Project for her work on the exhibition and contribution to the conservation of the natural heritage in the greater Stellenbosch region.


“I feel very honoured and thankful for the award by e'Bosch. I'm especially thankful for the opportunity of a lifetime that I had at the beginning of my career that I could study and work in a field as exciting and interesting and challenging as cultural history. It's also a great pleasure to be able to share that passion with the South African public," said Prof Burden.

The Rector and Vice-Chancellor of SU, Prof Wim de Villiers, who initiated the creation of the exhibition, reiterated the importance of SU reflecting on its centenary. “We're one of South Africa's oldest higher education institutions, but we have a complex history. There are highlights and low points the past 100 years and this exhibition allows us to explore both the achievements and the lessons learned from our past, so that we can go forward together in the next 100 years."

  • The public is encouraged to explore the exhibition, which runs until June 2020 at the SU Museum at 52 Ryneveld Street. For more information on the exhibition, liaise with Prof Matilda Burden at 021 808 2002 or email



The e'Bosch Heritage Project seeks to build mutual respect and trust and to unite all the peoples in Stellenbosch and its environs by encouraging cultural events in all neighbourhoods (named dorpies for this purpose), while at the same time, creating a unifying culture and hence a unified future heritage by stimulating debate, encouraging sporting activities, environmental and local history projects, as well as the arts and crafts.

In the photo is Prof Wim de Villiers, Prof Matilda Burden and Mr Johann Murray from the e'Bosch Heritage Project.

Photo by Stefan Els.