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Creating tomorrow’s innovators today
Author: René-Jean van der Berg
Published: 12/07/2018

​​From providing low-cost high-quality food to students to building robots that can help map out inaccessible spaces, Stellenbosch University students are using their skills to develop new products, services or start new businesses.

The University provides many opportunities for students to develop their innovative ideas into real business ventures. One such initiative is The Launchlab, a dedicated facility at SU that provides support to entrepreneurs and innovators by helping them build a viable business through coaching and mentorship programmes.

As part of Youth month celebrations, we rounded up six students who came up with innovative solutions for current day challenges.  The short video series: 'Creating tomorrow's innovators today', is a five-part video series featuring students who are making a mark using their entrepreneurial skill and innovative thinking.

Two of these business ventures has been receiving support from The Launchlab. 

Part 1: Thinking out of the box 

Part 2: Future problem solvers

Part 3: Changing the world

​Part 4: Building the economy

​Part 5: Curiosity fuels innovation