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Vulnerability assessment on the Berg River and Olifants River catchments
Author: Dr Charon Marais
Published: 14/04/2018

​​The Department of Water and Sanitation held a Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment for the Berg-Olifants and Breede Gouritz CMA workshop on the 06 April 2018. The objective of the workshop was to provide progress on the Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of the WMA and to gain insights from the participants as to what they believe the special and unique issues are in their WMA. Presentations were made by prof Schulze from Schulze & Associates. 

As a follow-up to the interactive workshop, it was agreed to have a special follow-up information and engagement session on climate change risk and vulnerability assessment on the Berg River and Olifants River catchments. Participants will now have the opportunity to contribute to and collaborate in the finer configuration of a BOWMA specific methodology framework to measure available streamflow and better planning for WMA management. ​