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Theology and Religion in Africa
Author: Helette van der Westhuizen
Published: 25/04/2017

The Faculty of Theology is working to establish multidisciplinary research partnerships and colleagues from universities in the Western Cape (Stellenbosch, Cape Town, and Western Cape) and five universities elsewhere in Africa (Botswana, Kenyatta, Makerere, Nairobi and Namibia) will take part in the consultation.

Chilisa.jpgProf Bagele Chilisa from the University of Botswana will present the keynote address on “Indigenous Research Methods: Conducting Research in Africa Contexts”, followed by discussions on:

·         “Working Smarter: Use of Technology in Research and Tuition”

·         “Inter- and Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Theology and Religion”

·         “Identifying Common Interests and Priorities in the Study of Theology and Religion in Africa”

In an attempt to promote the regional offering in terms of research in the field of Religion and Theology, an internet portal were created for improved communication amongst Religion and Theology researchers and will be launched during the consultation. The desirability and sustainability of an umbrella organisation for the stimulation and coordination of the study of Religion and Theology in Africa will also be discussed.

Contact Helette van der Westhuizen at 021 808 9560 or for more details on the consultation or web portal.