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MFM scoops award for Safety Campaign
Author: Corporate Marketing/Korporatiewe Bemarking
Published: 06/09/2016

For the second consecutive year, Maties radio station MFM walked away with the award for "Best Campus Media" for its bi-annual Safety Campaign, at the Diageo Responsible Drinking Media Awards (RDMAs) held in Sandton on Wednesday, 31 August. 

They were also the runner up in the same category. The campaign, run in February and August, aims to raise awareness of crime, drinking and driving and general safety in Stellenbosch. MFM won the award for a radio insert which features an interview with the mother of a child who was killed by a drunk driver.

"This award means a lot to us as a team, as we really try hard to make a difference. We are seen as being a voice for the voiceless and it's our duty to try and help curb the problem, even if it's only though at least creating more of an awareness. People never think that they will be touched negatively through alcohol misuse until they are," said Charita van der Berg, MFM Station Manager.

"There's a difference between safely enjoying a drink and becoming hazardous on the roads, whether you are walking, skateboarding, cycling or driving. We are humbled to receive this award, as it means our efforts are being recognised."


MFM exhibited "a wrecked car on the Rooiplein for two weeks to showcase the problem here on campus", according to Van der Berg.

"As a community radio station, we are responsible for the people in our community, just as everyone who forms part of the Stellenbosch community needs to look after one another," Van der Berg added, discussing the role of the media in promoting the responsible use of alcohol. If only one person thinks twice after this, before they get into the car while drunk, it would make a difference. The media can also help to emphasise systems such as public transport and help inform the public about the law regarding the misuse of alcohol."