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Postgraduate programmes 2019
Author: Media: Opvoedkunde / Education
Published: 22/04/2018

​​The Faculty of Education offers Bachelor of Education Honours programmes based on a mixed / blended learning mode.  

Students can apply for one of the following programmes:

  • BEd Hons (Educational Development and Democracy) 
  • BEd Hons (Educational Support) 
  • BEd Hons (Foundation Phase Education) 
  • BEd Hons (Language Education) 

What is the Mixed / Blended Learning mode?

These programmes consist of an appropriate mix of:

  • Face-to-face contact sessions on-campus
  • Telematics broadcasts to existing satellite sites
  • Electronic learning by using SUNLearn (the learning management system of Stellenbosch University) which includes modern teaching techniques, online discussion groups with fellow students and lecturers, electronic assignments, etc.

How does new offering differ from previous programmes offered?

Previously students who enrolled in the BEd Hons programmes had to attend classes on campus during the evenings at least twice a week. Now, however, students only have to attend two contact sessions (spread out through the year during school holidays) which allows students from anywhere in South Africa to participate in these programmes with regular contact with their lecturers.​

Download the document with more information, programme-specific requirements and programme structure.