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MEd student gets new perspective in Germany
Author: Faculty of Education
Published: 28/05/2024

Elizabeth Loock-Lintvelt was part of the intercultural Humboldt University International Education Training in which Stellenbosch University, Humboldt University and the University of the Western Cape participated. She is an M.Ed student of Prof Michele van der Merwe, lecturer at Department Curriculum Studies, and says that this learning experience has given her new insight and perspective.

Broaden your knowledge and be open to new learning experiences

People tend to get caught up in their own realities: work, social lives, responsibilities and many others. Yet the academics are not standing still. There are often new theories, original methods and interesting experiences that can only add to your professional life, but it is your responsibility to make use of these enriching experiences. The International Education Training serves as the ideal opportunity to broaden your knowledge by putting you back in the learner's seat. Understanding the train system, resisting the cold, finding my "Woolworths" and getting used to a completely different education system are just some of the lessons I had to learn during my visit to Humboldt University. Yet, if we, the educators, are not open to new learning experiences, how do we expect our learners to be accessible to them?

All teachers have the same challenges

The training focused on three topics, namely: historical awareness, multilingual education and inclusive education. Informative seminars regarding these themes served as handy sources of information and there also was the exchange of practical ideas between the diverse group of teachers. It was found that all educators, first or third world, must face the same challenges on a daily basis: racism, prejudice, multilingualism, culturalism, sexism. By being inclusive and informed educators, we nurture an appreciation for diverse individuals from diverse backgrounds, so that they enjoy the optimal space to grow.

New perspective

I came back to my beautiful, warm Africa with a full heart and a head full of new ideas. This experience reminded me to really listen and reminded me of the importance of respecting all cultures and nationalities. Although education still has a long way to go to ensure inclusive education, I am hopeful and know that it is now my job to implement these lessons at home.