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A Day in the Life: Georgenia Stam
Author: Corporate Communications and Marketing
Published: 17/05/2024

Georgenia Stam, manager of the Clinical Training Platform at Tygerberg Campus since 2019, strategically oversees student clinical training. Her role includes managing accommodation, logistics and safety, ensuring equitable training opportunities across locations. She combines her rich background in education with a passion for operational excellence at Stellenbosch University (SU). As we kicked off May celebrating Workers’ Day, we dedicate this series of profiles to our staff and their crucial contributions to SU.

What does your role at SU entail? 

I am responsible for optimising the opportunities for student clinical training on the distributed training platform, including managing the team of staff in SUNLOC (Stellenbosch University Logistics for the Clinical Training Platform). SUNLOC is a professional support structure for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and resides within the portfolio of the Vice-Dean of Clinical Services and Social Impact, Dr Therese Fish.

My focus areas would be strategy development, stakeholder, resource, logistics and health and safety management of the clinical training platform. Ultimately, we ensure that students are afforded similar learning opportunities and living conditions as they would at Tygerberg campus while on the distributed training platform. Currently, SUNLOC manages more than 60 accommodations (rental and guest houses), SLCs (student learning and service centres) and transport and ICT student support services.

What does a typical day at work look like? 

A typical day at work can vary greatly depending on routine activities or finding solutions to challenges experienced by the students and staff on the clinical training platform. The activities are ever-changing and therefore my days are not the same, a day could consist out of high-level meetings or procuring furniture for new student accommodation. Emergency activities, for example the safety of students on the clinical platform – be it transportation of the students or a safety and security incident at accommodation – will be prioritised.  SUNLOC manages all transport, accommodation and ICT requests of students who enter the clinical training platform from the Tygerberg campus as far as Upington. 

How did your education or past experiences prepare you for this job?  

My career journey started by entering the private higher education sector at various private educational companies. I was privileged to fill positions in academic, marketing and administrative departments as I grew in experience and knowledge from a junior lecturer to an institutional registrar. Each position allowed me to experience the challenges in higher education, so I believe my experience prepared me for my current position.

What do you enjoy most about your role and working at SU?

I am fortunate to enjoy all aspects of my role, be it to interact with the students, programme leads, members of the public and stakeholders in the Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness.

My strengths are in planning and organising and logical thinking. Working in a multifaceted support service like SUNLOC energises me to find innovative solutions to challenges that we experience on the training platform.

My position as Manager of the Clinical Training Platform and overseeing SUNLOC needs to be fluid to the changing requests of our stakeholders but at the same time keeping solutions within the boundaries of the policies and procedures of Stellenbosch University. I enjoy networking with all the stakeholders, including programme coordinators, students, the Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness and the public sector. 

Tell us something exciting about yourself that few people would expect?  

I can spend hours painting, either with acrylic or water paints. I enjoy listening to choir music and have taken up adult ballet.

PHOTO: Stefan Els