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Open Day: A resounding success
Author: Lynne Rippenaar-Moses
Published: 19/04/2024

The Division Student Affairs (DSAf) annual Open Day at Stellenbosch University's Tygerberg campus has once again proven to be a resounding success in providing students with valuable information, fostering engagement, and creating a sense of belonging for all students within the university community. 

On 16 April, DSAf hosted its third Open Day at the campus. The event provides an  opportunity for DSAf staff from the Stellenbosch campus to join their Tygerberg counterparts in interacting with undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as staff from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The aim is to raise awareness of the comprehensive range of support services, leadership development training, and co-curricular offerings within DSAf that are available to students throughout their academic journey.

The DSAf Open Day initiative was conceptualised by Ms Khairoonisa Foflonker, Manager of DSAf's Tygerberg office, to ensure students have easy access to information and address the diverse needs of students pursuing different degrees.

“Increasing the visibility of our co-curricular offerings ensures that students are developed in a holistic manner in line with SU's Graduate Attributes. It also fosters awareness around our support services which includes, but is not limited to, food security, and mental health support, and accessibility awareness," explained Foflonker.

The Centre for Student Life and Learning (CSLL) and the Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) set up stalls at the entrance of the Tygerberg Student Centre and the Hippokrates Residence lawn, which students could visit during their lunch hour.

Students were able to find out more about the work of the centres and the units within each centre and were encouraged to ask any questions they had regarding the support, leadership, and personal development offerings available to them after the university's Welcoming period.

“After the Welcoming period, many students may forget about the services offered by our Centre for Student Life and Learning, and the Centre for Student Counselling and Development. Therefore, having stalls and engaging with registered students in all year groups in a fun and interactive environment is a reminder of the support we offer in order to help our students to live, learn and thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment," said Foflonker

To foster greater awareness of student leadership structures and the upcoming national elections, the Tygerberg Students' Representative Council (TSRC) and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa also participated in the Open Day. Even Pokkel, the university mascot, joined in on the fun, which included a live musical performance, and a lucky draw, which students and staff could only enter after visiting all the stalls at the Open Day to obtain information to submit an entry form.