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EMS welcomes a record number of new first-year students
Author: Aamirah Sonday
Published: 16/02/2024

​Almost 2000 first-year students attended their first lectures as Maties this past week in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. The walkway between the Van der Sterr and CGW Schumann buildings was once again abuzz with the sound of students catching up with old and new friends and trying to find their way.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome this new first-year cohort which is the biggest in the history of the faculty. We did not expect that the registration rate of students who received offers from the faculty would increase so much. This has, however, led to the challenge of accommodating all students within our various academic venues. We thank our students for their patience as we manage this complex scheduling task that will soon be resolved,” shared the faculty’s Director of Operations MJ Brooks.

Before the start of classes this week, students and their parents were welcomed by the faculty through various orientation sessions and tours. The Dean of the EMS faculty, Prof Ingrid Woolard; Vice-Dean: Learning and Teaching Prof Ronel du Preez-Snyman; and incumbent Vice-Dean: Learning and Teaching Prof Ada Jansen, assured parents that their children are in good hands by elaborating on the wrap around support services that are offered to students within the faculty and the university as a whole. These include: mentors, tutorials, disability services, and others. But they also reminded them that success at university is dependent on student independence and agency.

The student orientation focused more on specific departmental information and students were encouraged to ensure that they are registered for the right modules and to familiarise themselves with module frameworks. The importance of class attendance was also emphasised with Prof du Preez-Snyman sharing her motto: “If you do not attend class, you do not know what you do not know”.

To end off their orientation week students were treated to a mass bingo event with the EBSK, the faculty’s student committee. Besides being a way to meet fellow students, it helped students to understand the Stellenbosch University main campus ​a bit better before the start of classes. Many commented that they found it incredibly helpful.

With the first week of classes now over, we hope that our students have managed to find their feet. We wish them luck on their new journey and are ready to support them as best we can.

Welcome EMS Students 2024