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New, updated MobiLex app ready to use
Author: Jana Nel
Published: 13/02/2024

​​​​With the support of Stellenbosch University's IT Department, MobiLex (a multilingual web-based subject glossary) received new wings at the start of 2024. During 2023 the app had to undergo major changes to ensure that it is compatible with all electronic devices. It has been re-designed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and can be downloaded as an app on any electronic device. The link is:

Due to the app being unavailable for a big part of 2023, the integration could not take place as planned, however students at the Faculty of Education received an orientation to explain the support that MobiLex can provide. 

A successful workshop, with Prof. Madiba (dean Faculty of Education) and Jana Nel (lecturer Curriculum Studies) as presenters, was hosted by the Faculty of Education for the Faculty of Natural Sciences and it was very well received. Term lists for Engineering were translated into Afrikaans and isiXhosa by the Language Centre. A term list for the Department of Physics was compiled and edited lexicographically during the second semester of 2023. Very exciting is that MobiLex is also expanding to isiZulu and the translations of language education terms in isiZulu were finalized.

A general How to Guide for teaching staff at the university has been developed and is available in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa. The guide provides information regarding the development of MobiLex, the theoretical foundation for a multilingual glossary such as MobiLex, the practical Q & A of the app as well as examples of activities for teaching and learning that can be used in different faculties. 

The integration of MobiLex will continue in 2024. At the Faculty of Education all First-Year and PGCE students will receive tutorials to assist and guide students on how to use MobiLex in their teaching and learning. The plan is to host a workshop to all the lecturers within the Faculty of Education to launch the How to Guide and to provide guidance on how lecturers can use MobiLex as part of their teaching and learning. 

The integration at the Faculty of Natural Sciences will continue during the first semester, with the support of Jana Nel. First-year students will write a pre-literacy test, receive a MobiLex workshop and will write a post-literacy test. 

MobiLex has received new wings, and it is ready to fly! 


Prof Michele van der Merwe 

Project Manager