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Talking Transformative Assessment
Author: Magriet de Villiers
Published: 25/08/2023

​​Talks @ Stellenbosch University’s latest episode of DLTE’s “Talking Transformative Assessment” podcast series, Elzette le Roux and Hanelie Adendorff (Centre for Teaching and Learning) engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Magriet de Villiers from the Centre for Learning Technologies. This installment deals with academic integrity, a crucial subject in higher education, especially in the age of AI. Whilst considering what this “AI”, academic integrity, is and how it relates to assessment as well as the other “AI” in the room, they touch on topics such as ownership, responsibility, and “whose business” academic integrity is.  

Tune in and join the conversation about academic integrity and its intricate ties to the world of transformative assessment.

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