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Short course registration system will close for 2022 short course registrations on Friday, 21 October 2022

The Short Courses Division will make the short course registration system available for 2023 short course registrations as from 24 October 2022. This means that all short course registration  submissions for 2022 must be completed by Friday 21 October 2022 as the short course registration system will be closed for any further 2022 short course registration submissions. (PLEASE NOTE: This neither influences the Student Management System where student registration information is stored and where short course certificate numbers are generated from nor does it influence the short course financial reporting for 2022 (Actuals). 

Course leaders and course co-ordinators are encouraged to complete their full financial reporting regarding their 2022 short course presentations as soon as possible after their short course presentations have been concluded.  According to policy, full and complete financial reports should be uploaded and submitted electronically within three months after completion of the short course presentation and via the short course registration system, to enable SU’s Finance Division to review and complete the reporting process. 

Short Courses will not be able to be re-registered for 2023 if the financial reporting for 2022 has not been completed. Only in exceptional cases and with substantial motivation, will concessions be made regarding postponement of financial reporting for 2022 eg short course presentations that will only be concluded after 1 November 2022 and where full financial reporting can only be completed thereafter. 

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