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Comment on the draft Mental Health Policy

‚ÄčThe new Policy on Mental Health for SU Students and Staff is in its final concept form and we would like to hear your feedback. You can access the draft policy here: <>.

For the consultation phase, only the English document is available and it will be translated to Afrikaans thereafter. We have opened this draft policy to the student and staff members of the SU community for consultation, and we have extended the deadline until 18 December 2020. We strongly encourage you to provide your views, insight, and feedback regarding the various sections of the draft policy and an overall commentary. We will be hosting various webinars on this draft policy as well, to allow for further discussion and critique.

Please share your honest view with us. You can complete a short survey about the draft policy ( and/or you can send comments to

Thank you for your time in helping us on this very important matter.