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SU gets new timetable management service

The University has acquired a new personal timetable web-based service, called Publish, to significantly enhance the way in which staff and students can manage their class timetables.

The vendor of Publish is Scientia, a UK based company.  It is an additional application to the scheduling software which is currently used for the scheduling of the Stellenbosch Campus undergraduate class timetables.  USB (Stellenbosch Business School) will soon start using the same scheduling software and will therefore also use Publish. Publish will be implemented as My Timetable.

With My Timetable, staff and students will  be able to view the class timetable according to programme of study, fixed programmes such as Engineering and BAccounting, as well as per individual module.  During the activity selection process, a unique, personal timetable is  created.  This personalized timetable is saved online every time the user visits the application and can be incorporated into personal calendars on the user's mobile device.

The user interface of My Timetable only allows a single language for displaying the data.  Therefore the class timetables viewed via My Timetable will only be available in English.  To compensate for this limitation, a list of module names in Afrikaans and English is available on the Student- and Staff portals, as well as via the “Help" link in My Timetable.  Additionally, the timetables for individual modules are available in both Afrikaans and English, as before.