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Call for applications: Future Professors Programme 2020-2021
This Call announces a competitive, selective and transformative programme of the Department of Higher Education
and Training (DHET) to prepare promising and productive early career academics to become a new cohort of South
African professors. The Future Professors Programme offers a structured curriculum that includes intensive seminars and
international placement aimed at accelerating the readiness of young academics for the professoriate.

Candidates will ideally be lecturers or senior lecturers in possession of a doctorate and who have already been able to
demonstrate significant academic achievement beyond the doctoral degree. Candidates can apply via their university
Vice-Chancellor’s office or its designated authority. The university in turn will nominate up to five candidates for possible
selection. The first cohort will consist of 20 to 28 fellows. The programme commences in January 2020 and is open to all
academics with the emphasis on black and women scholars.

For more information about the programme CLICK HERE​.